10 Reasons Why You Should Have Nursing Covers

10 Reasons Why You Should Have Nursing Covers

Many nursing moms find it difficult to breastfeed in public. This is because they fear people staring at them. A nursing cover is a better solution for moms who don’t have the confidence of breastfeeding in public. It fully covers your exposed areas adequately and protects your kid from distraction. These covers are big enough to cover your baby and even your belly if you have to lift your shirt. The following are the benefits of using nursing covers.

They Provide Comfort

Breastfeeding not only needs physical comfort but also mental comfort. A mom needs to relax while nursing. You can’t be comfortable when people are maliciously staring at your breasts. Nursing covers can go a long way in helping you breastfeed comfortably. They cover the front and the back of your body, enabling you to relax while nursing.

Nursing Covers protect your child from distraction

Babies will turn to see anything that catches their eye even if there are feeding. There are a lot of people, cars, and activities in public places. They make nursing hard since they can be a distraction. Nursing covers protect your child from distraction by covering your baby’s face. This prevents him or her from viewing anything that is going around.

protect your child from distraction

They Are Classic and stylish

Modern nursing covers can be put in your wardrobe as part of your fashion routine. They are comfortable to wear and fashionable also. You can wear them with your trendy jeans or dress. Just wear them as a regular top and you will still be trendy. And of course, they come in different but beautiful colors.

Nursing Covers Are Multi-functional

These covers are designed to perform several duties apart from covering you and your child. You can use them as shopping cart covers to protect your child from nasty germs. You can also use them as car seat covers to protect your baby from sun or use in high restaurant chairs to prevent your kid from falling off.

They Can Be Used Afterward

Most nursing covers don’t become obsolete after your baby stops breastfeeding. As I mentioned earlier, these covers are designed with class and style and can be worn as part of your fashion. Their loose design makes them fit for social functions. They are also comfortable to wear and don’t restrict movements like other tight clothes.

Breastfeeding Covers Allow Mothers To Bond With Their Children While Nursing

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to bond with your little one. Nothing should stop you from bonding with your child even if you are not at home. Nursing covers allow you to continue bonding with your child even when out in public. A nursing cover is a good parenting tool.

They Offer Convenience And Flexibility

Moms don’t like staying in one breastfeeding position for long. You need to stand up, move around or even take a short walk while nursing your little one. A nursing cover will give you the freedom you need when breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Covers Protect Your Child From Airborne Particles

Breastfeeding in public exposes your child to uncontrollable external factors. The best way to deal with this issue is to buy a nursing cover. It protects your young one from harmful airborne particles and germs. It is also one of the best ways of regulating temperature and other weather changes.

They Allow Moms To Breastfeed Discretely

The best thing about nursing covers is that they cover you such that nobody can notice what you are doing unless they are very keen. The material drapes around the child, hiding him or her completely. You don’t have to worry about malicious stares from the public. You will also avoid comments and questions from other people, giving your child a quiet and relaxed time to feed.

Nursing Covers Are Great Parenting Tools

As we all know, breastfeeding is very important for every child. This is because breast milk contains nutrients that can’t be found in other foods. It also boosts the immunity of a child. You should, therefore, breastfeed your child whenever is hungry no matter where you are. A nursing cover will ensure that nothing prevents you from nursing your kid. Even the public can’t prevent you. This makes it a good parental tool to invest on.

Can Babies Breathe Under Nursing Covers?

The answer to this question is YES. Nursing cover manufacturers always consider the safety of the product first. Most covers are made of lightweight, soft and lose materials that allow air circulation. These materials are usually cotton or other modal fabrics that don’t pose a threat to your child. The materials are also hypo allergic, meaning they are resistant to allergies.

In addition, some nursing covers have a viewing window that allows you to see your child while breastfeeding. This enables you to confirm if your child is breathing or not. But we haven’t heard of cases where children have suffocated when breastfeeding under nursing covers.

How to Use Nursing Covers ?

Nursing covers are simple to use. Most of them involve putting your head through the loop and you are good to go. Put the baby inside the cover and ensure that it covers you and your kid.

Nursing scarfs tend to be different from other nursing covers. You need to them around your neck first and then unloop it and drape it over your shoulders. You should then spread the fabric to the front and back and place your baby in front. Arrange the scarf to ensure that it covers your baby.

How to use a nursing cover on a shopping cart ?

This is not a hard task either. Just slide the cover over the shopping cart and ensure that it covers all the parts that your baby is in contact with. You should then put the baby on top of the covered cart and you will be ready to start shopping without worrying about nasty germs.

Nursing covers are very important for breastfeeding mothers. They provide privacy, comfort, and convenience. You can also add them to your regular wardrobe. They are a must-have for every nursing mother.

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