About Us


At Smile parents, we want you to reach out to us when you’re worried. We shares content related to pregnancy, babies, toddlers, motherhood.

About Me

Hi! I’m Alison, also known as Mommy. Sometimes I forget I have a real name but I do! I’m married 5 years, I was pregnant before our first anniversary (the fertility clock was ticking)

One baby is 4 and the other just turned 3. Much to my surprise, I’ve become a homeschool mom which I love.

Why I Started Blogging

When I have my first baby for 7 months pregnant, I was unexpectedly laid off because of the company terrible the state of the economy. I became a stay-at-home mom overnight and as you can imagine finances were tight.

Because we quite suddenly became a one-income family, we had to make some major changes. We were already paying off credit card debt and putting money into savings but we had to do more.

I really love being a stay-at-home mom but I am also the type that needs a project. Something to challenge me, keep me learning, and use as an excuse to not clean and cook all day. I decided to start a blog that would specifically help pregnant women (hence the name Smile Parents), as well as moms, find great deals and helpful parenting tips. It’s a work in progress that I hope will be able to help more and more families as time goes by : ) 

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