Can The Baby Have A Blanket In The Bassinet?

Can The Baby Have A Blanket In The Bassinet?

Babies are blessings and a source of joy. However, there are lots of responsibilities that come with having a baby. It is especially hard on first-time parents as they do not know exactly how to handle the vulnerable infant. One of the areas new parents should be keen is on using a blanket in the bassinet. First of all, is it advisable to use a blanket in the crib or bassinet? If yes, what kind of a blanket should you use? And thirdly, at what age should you use a blanket for your newborn?

We have to acknowledge that there is an explosion of information on what to do and not do with a new born. Most of the times parents are left confused and that is when disasters strike. In this post, we will talk about when it is the right time to use a blanket in the bassinet, baby swaddling care tips, and the best practices to keep your infant safe when it sleeps.

When Is The Best Time To Use A Baby Blanket In The Bassinet?

This is a very popular question among first-time parents and there so many answers that they are left more confused than they already were. To put an end to this back and forth, you should use a blanket when your baby is at least 12 months old. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) argues that babies at 12 months are able to roll over and avoid instances of suffocation. For infants less than a year old, soft bedding such as baby blankets and pillows significantly increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and suffocation. AAP goes ahead to suggest some safer alternatives in wearable blankets, sleep sacks, as well as sleepers.


According to different studies on baby sleeping safety, there are unanimous agreements that babies who are 12 months or older are in less danger of SIDS and suffocation thanks to their better use of hands to roll over and remove soft materials from their faces.

There are those who root for special mattresses, wedges, bassinet bumpers, and a score of other items that arguably reduce the risks of SIDS. APP discourages such items since they not only blatantly fail to fully protect your baby but also may triple the dangers of suffocation.

Therefore, you should wait until your toddler is at least 12 months to throw in a blanket into the bassinet. Apart from that, the crib or bassinet should be kept empty. Something like a pillow should be out of the question until your infant makes the transition to sleeping on a bed.

Swaddling in Child Care

Swaddling is a popular baby care practice in different cultures. To swaddle means comfortably wrapping your infant in a clean and comfortable baby blanket. With it comes quite a number of perks to a parent. One, you can easily and comfortably carry your baby when you have to. When your baby cries, it is easy to soothe him/her in the warmth and comfort of the blankets. Some other advantages are greatly improving the baby’s quality of sleep and help in relieving pain.

When it comes to swaddling, the question of safety usually comes up. Is it safe to swaddle your baby? Experts say that swaddling is safe as long as it is done the right way. The first step to doing it right is buying the correct type of blanket. The thin type blankets or those specifically dedicated to swaddling should be the choice you make.

How To Use The Swaddle

It is very easy to harm your infant when you swaddle it the wrong way. To help you get it right all the time, here is how you should use the swaddle:

Lay the thin blanket on a flat surface with the top corner folded down under

Place your baby on the blanket making sure his/her head is slightly above the folded top corner

Depending on what you prefer, lift your baby’s right arm and let the hand rest near her face or leave it by the side.

Pick up the left side of the blanket and bring it all the way to the right arm. Wrap it over the right arm and tuck it under to keep it intact.

Roll up the bottom part of the blanket towards the baby’s chest. You should not in any way cover the baby’s face.

Take the right end of the blanket and wrap it around the left arm. Remember to tuck it under the arm to keep it in place.

Now you have your baby warm and comfortable.

However, make sure you only wrap the swaddle snuggly to keep your infant comfortable.

Tips For Using Swaddle When Your Baby Is Sleeping

Swaddling is not a difficult task but will still present a few challenges to new mothers. It takes practice to do it the right way. To help you with the process, here are quick hacks to swaddle like a pro:

Choose the right material for the blanket. It has to be thin or the kind labeled for swaddling. This is to make sure you have nothing heavy on your baby. As you put your baby in the swaddle, make sure its back is straight and you will end up with a neat bundle.

When you go out choosing a swaddling blanket, make sure you do not go for the soft kind.

These ones can easily suffocate your baby. You should also be careful not to overdress your infant or else you will have to deal with overheating.

As you swaddle your baby, keep him/her steady. If he tries to roll over, wait until he settles. You never want to get anything wrong. Make sure the swaddle does not cover the baby’s mouth and nose. You should also ascertain that she can easily move her legs to prevent any chances of hip joint dislocation.


Babies are delicate and a slight mistake can put their lives in grave danger. While swaddling is one of the easiest and best ways to make sure your child is comfortable when he/she sleeps or when you are holding him; you should be cautious of how you do it. Make sure to follow the recommended procedure and you will never have to worry about your infant. When you go out shopping for a swaddle, make sure you buy the right material. About using a baby blanket in the bassinet, you will have to wait until your baby  12 months. Keeping your baby safe all the time should be a priority and you just learned some tips to do just that


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