You Should Know Before Breastfeed In Public

You Should Know Before Breastfeed In Public

Breastfeeding is something essential for babies. It provides them the much needed nutrition and critical health properties. To a great degree, breastfeeding has to be done immediately when a baby is hungry. Evidently, baby’s hunger pattern cannot be predicted so accurately.

Breastfeeding is a much controversial topic across the globe. Debates are that it is immeasurably a good thing and should be allowed in public. Some people pointing out that, it captures the attention of onlookers. Potentially, those people consider breastfeeding as a provocative act. Contrarily, many people debates that breastfeeding is not a criminal offense. Adding to that, if people can feed their baby with a bottle, then breastfeeding also should be allowed in public.


Let’s look at how breastfeeding in public considered in around the world.

Africa – Breastfeeding Public Places

People who breastfeed their babies are increasing every year in Africa. Eventually, breastfeeding in public places also increasing. A well-known restaurant group in South Africa has announced that the venues in their restaurant is not against breastfeeding. That was just a glimpse of how people look at breastfeeding public places.

This approach from the restaurant group is widely received well by people across the nation. The encouraging response from the people proves the majority of acceptance. However, countries like Kenya are way advanced in the Percentage of people who breastfeed their babies. Notably, Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has expressed the support for mothers breastfeeding their babies in public. Subsequently, many facilities improvingly accredited as being acceptive.


Europe legally accepts breastfeeding in public. Country to country tha habit may differ. At the same moment, people are increasingly breastfeeding their babies in public in several parts of Europe. Among the European countries, France records the lowest percentage of people who breastfeed in public places. One of a member of Parliament in Iceland grabs the headlines when she breastfed her child wile addressing the parliament.

But that doesn’t mean that all 44 countries in Europe are in favor of breastfeeding in public. Precisely, each country has different set of laws and regulations. Simultaneously, none of them are against breastfeeding.


Widely Asia comprises the majority of population in the world. In this crowder continent, breastfeeding women often face harassments. But also, general public supports breastfeeding in public. In addition, there are no laws against breastfeeding either. Further, breastfeeding mothers are shockingly low in percentage in locations like MyanmarThailand and across south east Asia.

Some part of the people in Asia, mostly the modern women however thinks that breastfeeding is a barbaric thing to do. Their perception is that, only uneducated or uncivilized women would breastfeed in public. After all, every mother would want to feed their hungry baby, that cannot remain an uncivilized act.

North America & South America

Following new legislation passed in Idaho and Utah, breastfeeding your baby anywhere is protected by law, reports USA Today.
“I don’t feel like we should ever relegate a mom to a restroom to breastfeed their child,” Rep. Justin Fawson told KUER 90.1 in the runup to the vote in Utah. “That’s a big reason why I’m running the bill. I’m seeking to further normalize breastfeeding and allow moms to feed their babies as needed.”

Historically, women are being shamed for breastfeeding in public accommodations. However, several instances were highlighted by the media, and the same was criticized by public. Despite, public consider it as an essential requirement which needs to be backed by Law. However comments on banning the breastfeeding in public places hardly recorded anywhere in the USA.

After decades of debates and social polls, Breast feeding in public is made legal in the United States in the year 2018. It should be appreciated, and women and babies have their rights to feed and to be fed in public. Simultaneously, many of the private and public organisations were giving private space and time for mothers of newborn babies. At the identical moment, breastfeeding public have been criticized in various parts of America.

Studies show that majority of people in western and southern part of America supports the act. It is absolutely habitual to feed a baby in public. Several polls in social platforms and media has received favourable response from the people of America.


A Statistic from Australian National Infant Feeding Survey in 2010 shows, 96% of mothers breastfeed their babies. Further, but only 39% of babies receive breastfeed till three months. 15% of babies in this survey were breastfed till 5 months. It further reduces on babies who are 12 months old. Contrarily, the numbers were much higher in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Child in 2006-2007. 28% of children were breastfed by 12th month. Over all, this indicates the decreasing interest of mothers on breastfeeding.

However, it is lawful in Australia to breastfeed a baby in public places. Federal sex Discrimination Act 1984 states that it is a right of every mother to breastfeed their children in public. Any discrimination against it is illegal in Australia.

General News and Thoughts about Ban of Breastfeeding Public places

A research conducted by nenatologist Urszula Bernatowicz lojko states that only about 14% of mothers breastfeed their children till 6 months in Poland. In the same way, several Countries and Cities maintain a limited rate of mother feeding. However, that shouldn’t be concerned on legalizing mother feeding in public. Just like anybody who walks in a park or surf in the beach, it is a common act which should not be discriminated.

State Laws in America has authorized nad made it legal. The overwhelming response to the decision confirms the majority of opinion. Significantly, people would never want to feed their child unless it is necessary. General thought is that a mother should be able to feed when her child is hungry. Also, in all aspects, breast feeding cannot be considered as a provocative act. Consequently, the laws backs such acts in public.

At the same time, some debates that, feeding kids of above 6 to 8 months in public should be avoided. Because, it may not look appropriate when the kids are not new born anymore. Significantly, it is precise that it may attract unwanted comments and pervert onlookers. After all, nobody would like to be watched when they are feeding. Contrarily, it is not possible in a public place.

Fortunately, most cities facilitate separate place for breastfeeding in public spots. Not all women feel comfortable to feed their babies in public. To attend to that, it is better to maintain and improvise the number of such spots in public for mothers to feed their children.

To conclude, contradictory opinions are floating in social media and newspapers about breastfeeding in public. However, each child deserves to be fed when hungry. On top of that, it is the duty of every human to support the mother breastfeeding public places.

Tips: Using covers come in handy when you’re out and about in public and want some privacy while breastfeeding your baby. 

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