Can I Wash and Clean Maternity Pillow ?

Can I Wash and Clean Maternity Pillow ?

A pillow is one of the must-haves for pregnant women and new mothers. This is because they need support for their back. Having a maternity pillow is one thing and ensuring that it stays clean is another important thing. A pillow is a necessity that is used every day and every night. Due to the continued use of the pillow, it accumulates a lot of sweat and dirt. In addition to sweat and dirt, pillows are also prone to accumulate dust mites and their droppings. After two years without cleaning, one-third of the weight of your pillow could be from a thriving dust mite population and its droppings.

Method of Washing Maternity Pillow

When you are washing your maternity pillow, it is important to consider a few things. The first thing is the material used to make the pillow. Maternity pillows come in different sizes and shapes, materials and fillings. As such, it is important to ensure that you know your maternity pillow well before you start washing. Due to the size of the pregnancy body pillow, it may not fit into your washing machine and you may have to wash it by hand. The material and the fillings may also be sensitive to washing by some detergents and even washing with the machine. Understanding these dynamics of the maternity pillow will ensure that you efficiently wash the pillow with ease.

When you are washing the maternity pillow by the machine, it is recommended that you wash two at a time and ensure that they are placed vertically in the machine. Ensure that you do not stuff the pillows into the washing machine as you do with clothes. Read the instructions on the side of the pillow before you start washing the pillow to ensure that you do not damage it. When no washing instructions are given, it may be better to wash the pillow using warm water cycles. Rinse using cold water and then put it back into the washing machine and then spin to dry. When drying, apply a little heat and dry the pillow by turning and fluffing to maintain the full look of the pregnancy pillow.

5 Tips You Must-Know before Washing Pillow

Cleaning your pillow can be an uphill task but with the following tips, you can be able to clean your pillow with more ease and efficiency.

• Ensure that you always check the instructions on the side of the body pillow for pregnancy. These instructions will guide you on the things to do when you are cleaning the body pillow for pregnancy. They also give you the guidelines on the detergents to use and whether to wash by hand or machine.

• Before you begin to wash the pregnancy pillow, ensure that you check for tearing on the sides of the maternity pillow. When you spot a tear, ensure that you stitch it up before washing. This way, you ensure that the tear does not worsen and cover the whole surface of the body pillow for pregnancy.

• Before you put the pillows in the washing machine, ensure that you leave it to run for at least 5 minutes. This will ensure that the soap and detergent you use gets a chance to mix well before you start washing.

• When you put the maternity pillow into the washing machine choose the option for gentle washing and leave the pregnancy pillow to wash for around 8 minutes before you get them out.

• Ensure that you wash the maternity pillow on its own in the machine. Do not stuff any other clothes into the machine. This is because the pillow is large and heavy and requires enough space to wash comfortably and efficiently.

Easy Steps to Wash Pregnancy Pillow

As mentioned above, you can wash your maternity pillow by hand or by machine. While the steps involved are pretty similar, there are some differences in the approach to clean a maternity pillow.

How to Wash Pregnancy Pillow by Machine?

1. The first step is to ensure that it fits perfectly into the machine. The size of the machine and the size of the pillow determine if the pillow will fit into the machine or not.Usually, the U shaped body pillows are big.

2. If the pillow has coverings, you can remove them to ensure that the pregnancy pillow does not get tangled within the covering. Learn if you have to wash them separately or not before you start washing.

3. Zip up the pillow. It is important to ensure that the zipper is tightly closed to ensure that the fillings do not spill due to the agitation the pillow will undergo while in the machine.

4. Use gentle cycles of warm and cold water to wash the pillow. Once you are done the washing, ensure that you thoroughly rinse the maternity pillow with lots of cold water because the material is designed in a way that holds onto the detergent.

5. When you are drying the pregnancy pillow, ensure that you use low medium heat. When you use too much heat, the pillow can be distorted and lose shape. It would be better to leave the pillow for pregnancy in the washing machine to dry for a long time than to try and dry it fast.

How to wash pregnancy pillow by hand?

1. Collect all the materials you require from detergent to towels and even basins and water. This will make your cleaning process more convenient and efficient so that you do not have to go back and forth to fetch the materials when needed.

2. Fill the basin with lukewarm water and detergent then let the maternity pillow soak. Depending on how dirty the pillow is, you can knead it lightly into the basin and let it soak for a while.


3. Then remove the pregnancy pillow from the water and squeeze out the excess water then place the pillow in a basin with clean water. Let it soak for a while and the wring out the water, finally soak it in cold water and wring out the excess water. Ensure that the water runs clean when you wring it in the final rinse.

4. Use your towel to pat dry the pregnancy pillow so that the absorbent material of the pillow loses most of the excess water. Then let the pregnancy pillow out in the sun in a warm place to ensure that the maternity pillow dries fast.

Every new mother needs to have a maternity pillow for maximum comfort. However, due to the continued use of the pillow, it is prone to get dirty and accumulate dust mites. Buying pillows with covers may also be convenient because they can be removed and cleaned separately. However, it is not necessary to have a maternity pillow with a removable cover. A maternity pillow can be washed by either hand or machine and the tips to wash pregnancy pillow are explained above.

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